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If you are looking for a physician recruitment company to represent you, you’ll find a number of reasons to choose Kendall & Davis. We specialize in recruiting and placing doctors in permanent physician jobs nationwide, and we’ve been doing it since 1972. As an enduring leader in the industry, we know the recruitment business and our physician recruiters have the resources, the training and the commitment to get the job done to your satisfaction.

When you’re ready to search for your next physician job or fill a physician opening, consider some of the advantages of working with us:

1. We know physician recruitment. With 20 years of physician recruitment experience, Kendall & Davis knows the industry better than anyone and has built a reputation for success. Working as your recruitment partner, we will use our expertise to make your search as efficient and satisfying as possible.

2. We open doors to more opportunities. We have built a nationwide network of clients and professional contacts who turn to us first, and have come to value our recommendations. This allows us to help employers find physician candidates and physicians find job opportunities that would not be available otherwise. And our extensive databases of physician job seekers and career opportunities offer numerous possibilities.

3. We have the people who can get the job done. Kendall & Davis’s physician recruiters are highly trained and personally committed to your physician search, and will often create new opportunities through their persistence and dedication. Numerous testimonials from employers and physicians attest to our staff’s exceptional talent and level of service, which give added assurance as you choose a physician recruiter.

4. We manage the recruitment process from start to finish, letting you concentrate on patient care. Once your recruiter gets to know you and what we’re looking for, he or she will oversee all of the details, while staying in constant communication. We’ll do the work on your behalf.

5. We specialize in your medical specialty. Your Kendall & Davis physician recruiter is chosen based on his or her knowledge and expertise in your specialty. Whether your needs are in primary care or a medical specialty—in a hospital, physician practice or academic setting—your recruiter will know the employment market and can provide expert consultation and guidance.

6. We’ll help you achieve the right “fit” for the long-term. We target our efforts on understanding both the healthcare employer and the physician, thus creating a fit that is effective and rewarding for all parties. We want you to be satisfied with your physician placement and will present you with only the most appropriate matches.

7. We stake our reputation on your success. Kendall & Davis has a successful record of placing the right physician in the right job, time and time again. Helping you achieve success helps us stay in business and maintain our position as leader in the physician recruitment industry.

To learn more about working with Kendall & Davis, call (866) 675-3755 or contact us about your needs using our quick online request form.

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