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Searching for a new physician job can be a long and sometimes complicated process. Whether you try to go it alone or get help from a professional recruiter, Kendall & Davis physician recruiters have found that successful searches include five main elements:

  1. Defining the right career opportunity for you;
  2. Determining the right location for you and your family;
  3. Finding and applying for the most appropriate openings;
  4. Ensuring a good fit with a potential employer; and
  5. Securing your job of choice.

As a professional who researches the physician job market and places doctors throughout the United States, your recruiter can help you define parameters for your physician job search, taking into account the current market conditions. He or she will ask the right questions to help pinpoint your needs and find the right job for you.

Defining the right physician opportunity

A successful physician job search starts with a thorough self-assessment of your career goals, qualifications and preferred work environment. You may want help to clarify the following:

Finding the right location

Many physicians would like to stay in their own community, or at least close by, while others want to move closer to family or relocate for other reasons. If you don’t already have a specific location picked out, a physician recruiter can help you find communities that match your needs and those of your family, taking into account the important factors like school districts, the housing market, cultural offerings and more. They can even get you in touch with realtors and other local professionals who can provide more information and guidance about a possible move.

Finding and applying for appropriate physician openings

There are numerous online job sites listing physician openings across the country, but the choices can be overwhelming. If you don’t have time to sort through them all, a professional recruiter from Kendall & Davis can do the searching on your behalf and target the most appropriate jobs. Our services are offered to physicians free of charge. Your recruiter can help you create an effective physician CV and alert you to the openings that are most likely to be of interest, saving an enormous amount of time in your search. In addition, you can sign up to have job alerts e-mailed to you when you create your own account on our website.

Ensuring the right fit

As third-party facilitators of many successful matches, Kendall & Davis has perfected the job match process; from your initial candidate interview and job search through the coordination of facility interviews and contract discussions, we can work with you to be sure that a potential job will provide a good fit for you in the long term. Your physician recruiter can serve as an advisor and guide throughout the process.

Landing the job

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This statement especially rings true in terms of the facility visit. Common sense will tell you that personal presentation is important, but there are other issues involved in presenting your medical knowledge, your personal and professional interests, and how you can make a contribution to the potential employer. Your Kendall & Davis recruiter can help you polish up your CV and other paperwork, and provide coaching for each specific employment interview, improving your chances for landing the job. He or she can also help with contract negotiations and mediate any issues that might come up.

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